Gloria's Story

Hardship Does Not Mean The End

On Saturday 24 October we went to visit Gloria to hand over a donation of R5000 in shopping vouchers. Gloria herself made the trip from Orange Farm to Centurion under the impression she is visiting her daughter. 


Gloria operates a local creche in Orange Farm out of her own home. During lockdown, she was unable to work, which meant she had no income. This impacted her ability, to look after herself and her children, as well as all the children from the neighbourhood who attended her creche. Many of these children rely on her for meals as they would go without food if it were not for Gloria. Now, with no income, Gloria kept going doing everything she can to provide meals and care. 


Her daughter tried to support Gloria and the creche as much as possible, but she also lost her job due to covid retrenchments; they needed a helping hand more than ever.


Gloria has been looking after the children in her neighbourhood for 14 years. Her love and dedication for all her the children she cares for is inspiring. Her passion is infections, and we wanted to help her to continue doing what she loves. 


There are still many challenges Gloria faces, lack of toys, funds and educational materials, to name a few. We hope with our donation, Gloria can feel empowered to keep going, knowing she is making a difference in the lives of all the children she is caring for. 


Gloria's daughter stated that her story should inspire other women to become more active and aware of their communities and their surroundings. How sometimes hardships does not mean the end.


If you would like to help Gloria through donating educational materials, books or toys, please get in touch. 

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