Hamu Hight Water Tanks

Helping bring water to learners at Hamu High School in KZN

We are delighted that we have successfully delivered part of our Water Tank Project. After securing a grant from First National Bank (FNB) we were able to work with Khaya from our partner, KeNako Youth Development Project, to bring this project too fruition.

Khaya worked hard to ensure that we can get the most out of the money raised and we were able to bring water to Hamu High for the first time in years. No longer do teachers have to walk long distances to collect water, and all their focus can now go on teaching and supporting the students.

With the support from Hamu High School Mangement and Governing Body, Khaya and the team was able to start the project at the end of August 2019. With the money raised, we were able to fix 4 out of the 8 blocks which mean we are now well on our way to hopefully complete this project as soon as possible.

Principle Mr. PN Mthethwa from Hamu High School stated that "Hamu High will no-longer have to worry about a shortage of water on their premises! This is really a turning point to the school and the entire community on behalf of Hamu High school I would like to say thank you".

Praise was also given to everyone involved from the local Chief of the Khambi Area, Mr. Langalethu Zulu, "this project is one of the best in my village, our local school will now have enough water for daily consumption of the teachers and learners."

We are so proud of everyone involved and look forward to completing the project by working together as a team.