Tips to help protect your kids from Covid-19 at school.

With schools slowly starting to reopen it is important that we all stay safe.

It has been reported that children experience a milder form of the virus with either presenting very mild symptoms or none at all. Regardless of this we should encourage our children to stay safe and help protect other around us. With that in mind here are some tips on how to help protect your children going back to school.

Tip 1 - Remind them to wash their hands regularly. Teaching them how to wash their hands properly with plenty of soap and water will help stop the spread of covid-19. Make the process fun by encouraging to sing their favourite song or use this little rhyme:

Wash hands well each day,

To keep germs away.

Scrub with soap and water,

And be on your way.

Wash hands well each day,

To keep germs away.

Scrub with soap and water,

And be on your way.

Tip 2 - Test their smell

Research has shown that the loss of taste and smell is a covid-19 symptom. Keep track of your child sense of smell because it can help you identify the symptoms early. A fun way to do this is at dinner times or playing in the garden and learning about new flowers and cents.

Make a game out of it. Sensory Scavenger Hunt anyone?

Tip 3 - Encourage your children to play outside

During lockdown many children have not had the opportunity to play with their friends like they would normally do. This could impact their mental health, confidence and social skills. Get together in small groups and have them interact with their friends. It will reintroduce them being with other people outside their households and show them that there is nothing to be afraid of. Always make sure you check government advice on social gatherings

Tip 4 - Catching Sneezes and Coughs

Remind your child to cough or sneeze into their arm/elbow. This will help spread any type of germs especially covid-19. Give them tissues to carry around with them which should be put in the dustbin after it has been used, and always wash your hands afterwards.

In England they have saying Catch It, Bin It, Kill It.

Tip 5 - Talk to them

The most important tip we have for you is to talk to your child. Listen to their concerns, opinions and questions. Help them to understand that even though the pandemic is a scary thing, as long as we work together we will over come this.

For more advise on how to explain covid-19 to children see our Blog - Covid-19 Guide For Learners

Don't forget your and their masks!


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