Reading Club and Pass Rate

Exceptional achievement by exceptional learners

Working with schools we always aim to motivate the learners to work hard to the best of their ability. Hoping they will realise that there is a big world out there and with hard work and determination anything is possible. 

We dont always know if we are helping or if any of the work we do alongside KeNako Youth Development Project is having an impact on the learners until the all-important end of school exam results are released. 

With 2017 being the Foundations most important year to date and having worked with Hamu High School it was great to hear that their matric academic performance improved by 11% going from a pass rate of 29% in 2016 to 40% in 2017. The school has expressed their gratitude to The Future Foundation and Ke Nako Youth Development Project for all the support we have provided. They stated that this improvement was never going to materialise without our involvement. 

This is a great news and it gave everyone at The Foundation that extra motivation to work even harder. We hope to continue to work with the school and Ke Nako Youth Development Project to bring Hamu High on par with the rest of South Africa.

Thank you Hamu High Matric Class of 2017 for working hard and showing what you are capable of.